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University of Sunderland

University of Sunderland

University of Sunderland is an innovative, forward-thinking university with high standards of teaching, research and support

Sunderland has a long tradition of welcoming and educating students from around the world.

Studying in the United Kingdom leads to an academic qualification that is respected throughout the world. It also gives students the opportunity to learn from the experience of living in the UK, to absorb its culture and language, and to make valuable contacts and friendships.

Many of the courses and facilities at the University of Sunderland have been shaped by the needs of international students. The University is a modern and dynamic centre of education offering high quality teaching, variable and flexible courses, an extensive scholarship programme and excellent support services.
Sunderland attracts thousands of students from all over the globe who go on to lead exciting careers armed with a first-class qualification. 

With the increasing globalisation of industry, commerce, science and the arts, the University of Sunderland is building ever-stronger links with partners across the world. This spirit of partnership underpins our commitment to providing the best possible support for international students, both academically and in the range of services we provide to ensure your stay in Sunderland will be a memorable and valuable step in your career development.

The University lies at the heart of the vibrant city of Sunderland in the welcoming North East of England.
That life-changing welcome is waiting for you.

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