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25 Oct 2017BCIE Students- Full Scholarship Awarded From University Of Nottingham

BCIE is very delighted to announce that our 6 students from Victoria Island (Nigeria) have been awarded a full scholarship from University Of Nottingham.Students comments are as follows:

Name: Okafor Arinze Emmanuel
Course: MSC Molecular Genetics
Comments:I got to know about BCIE through Aisha Abubakar by my then prospective school, University of Nottingham. Being totally oblivious about the visa application process, I definitely needed a trust worthy guide. Inspired by their high success records, recommendations from my peers and miss Charity's smile on that day of the seminar, I eventually chose to be assisted by BCIE, and my expectations have been met and surpassed. The hospitality of its representatives, the carefulness with which they worked, and most importantly for me, the sense of empathy and care with which they worked with me through out the process made my experience with them just great! I do encourage students aspiring to study outside Nigeria to consult BCIE for the best service.
Thank you BCIE!



Name:Olalude Emmaanuel Olaoluwa
Course:Masters In Assisted Reporduction Technology
Comments:Indeed, it's with a great sense of thankfulness and appreciation that I write this to express my gratitude to BCIE for the top-notch visa advice and counselling services offered to me, and culminating in procurement of my UK visa at my very first attempt. My case is very peculiar because I never met the BCIE team in person and all advice and recommendations were made online and over the telephone. Being my first attempt, times came when doubts ensued,however, the BCIE team professionally swung into action to allay my fears and anxiety whilst facilitating my application process. I'm now in the UK and still haven't met any member of the team physically albeit you can only imagine my delight when I got to know I was successful at this first application. I hope to meet the team someday to thank them in person. Meanwhile, I'd highly recommend BCIE to anyone seeking to obtain a visa for further studies or work abroad. They've proven efficiency without a doubt..... Simply the best!


Name:Olufade Olamide David
Course:MSC in Human Resource Managmnet and Organisation
Comments:Many have a perspective concerning things being free, that it's of meagre quality and full of many concerns, BCIE isn't so, it changes and redefines the concept of free services. They are with you from the start to your finish, without any charges. I'd recommend them anytime any day. I appreciate one person in particular, Mrs Charity. She was patient with me and answered me all the time. She's a professional at her job. All the same, BCIE remains the best. I've heard of other agencies in the same business line, but none is up to their standard, there's a competitive edge they have above others.



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