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Studying in the UK

Studying in the UK

The United Kingdom - The number one study destination for BCIE Ltd. Students!

Are you ready to study in the UK? Are you ready to find an education institution that is perfect for you? Then you need to contact BCIE, who will assist you in choosing the right course and education institution. They will guide you through the application process and also offer you Student Visa Guidance which will ensure that you successfully embark on your studies!!! Our success rate is about 98% for students who opt to use our services and follow our advice to the letter. Use our services and have a stress – free application process.

  • World wide recognition of British University Degrees
    British qualifications are recognised and respected around the world. Their reputation is such that , when you return home, you'll find that your British Qualification boosts your career and salary prospects. British education leads the world in the field of quality assurance and the UK is at the forefront of scientific and creative innovation. Ambitious acheivers who are seeking a superior education choose to find it in the UK as British education is constantly evolving while retaining the best of its prestigious 800 year heritage.
  • European location – closer to your Home country
    Students find Britain an attractive option as it is closer to home  than any of the other well known English speaking countries. This makes it easier and cheaper to return home while carrying on with your education.
  • Shorter Degrees – 3 years or even two years in some cases
    Unlike other Higher Education offering countries the British Undergraduate degree is typically 3 years long (compared to 4/5 in other countries) and the Postgraduate degree is typically ONE year long (as compared with 2 in most other countries). You can therefore be qualified - and in employment - one or two years earlier with a British qualification.

  • Well resourced University Campuses
    The IT, Library, Accommodation and extra curricular facilities that our network of universities offer are truly exceptional. IT facilities are usually accessible 24 hours of the day to allow you to keep in touch with home. Accommodation facilities can be in a self catering Halls of Residence or with a host family.
  • Work Permits not required
    Students are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week while studying and 40 hours a week while on holidays as long as they apply to a Tier 4 accredited University. Hence you can now cover some of your expenses while studying. For more information on working in the UK as a student please contact your local BCIE Ltd office.

We have carefully selected these Universities and therefore our network spreads across the whole of Britain - from London to the Midlands, Wales and Scotland! Apart from location we have also taken into account the courses you may want to study - and our network can cater for virtually any course that you would like to study.

If you would like further information please fill out our simple form and one of our counsellors will be in touch


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BCIE Ltd. runs a number of bi-annual Edufairs (Ghana and Nigeria), Minifairs and Roadshows in Nigeria, Ghana and Pakistan each year. Our fairs are the most well known, branded and advertised events in these markets. Our aim is to bring together students and universities from several Study Abroad destinations making it easier for our students to decide which country, course and university is right for them. Contact your local BCIE ltd. office to get more details about the latest events in your area.

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