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UK Weather

The climate of the UK is generally mild, contrary to popular belief it’s not all about rain and fog.

Our advice to students is that you must dress up warmly. Bring plenty of warm clothing and get used to the idea of wearing several layers at a go. A winter coat is a must and so are several sweaters. It may be best to do most of your shopping once you get to the UK as you may struggle to find suitable clothing in your home countries. Shoes suitable for winter must be used i.e. big boots. Please do not come in flip flops as you will almost certainly regret it.

The table below indicates averages for the UK however temperatures and rainfall do vary from one region to another. 


  Max temp (C)

Min temp (C)

Sunshine (hours)

Rainfall (mm) 
Jan 6.4  0.9  47.2  121.7 
Feb 6.6 0.7 69.8 88.6
Mar 8.9 2.1 101.8 95.1
Apr 11.4 3.4 148.1 72.7
May 14.7 6.0 185.9 70.0
Jun 17.3 8.8 169.5 73.4
Jul 19.4 10.9 172.4 78.1
Aug 19.1 10.8 163.0 89.5
Sep 16.5 8.8 124.7 96.4
Oct 12.8 6.2 92.5 127.1
Nov 9.1 3.3 57.2 121.2
Dec 6.7 1.1 40.8 120.2



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