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Canadian Weather

In Canada, there are four seasons: winter, spring, summer and autumn (fall). In winter, the days are short and can be quite cold. When outdoors, people wear mittens or gloves, scarves, hats, warm coats and insulated boots. In summer, the days are long and are usually warm.You may want to consider differences in weather when choosing a place to live.

The weather varies across Canada. While northern areas and areas far from large bodies of water can be very cold in winter, some regions—particularly the southern coastal regions—have milder weather. Temperatures in these areas can range from -10° to 5°C in the winter and 10°C to 30°C in the summer. In southern coastal regions, there is more rain than snow during winter. http://www.cic.gc.ca

Average Temperatures in Canada (°C)

  Vancouver     Winnipeg     Toronto     Ottawa    
Jan 3.0   -18.3   -4.5   -10.7  
Feb 4.7   -15.1   -3.8   -9.2  
Mar 6.3   -7.0   1.0   -2.6  
Apr 8.8   3.8   7.5   5.9  
May 12.1   11.6   13.8   13.0  
Jun 15.2   16.9   18.9   18.1  
Jul 17.2   19.8   22.1   20.8  
Aug 17.4   18.3   21.1   19.4  
Sep 14.3   12.4   16.9   14.7  
Oct 10.0   5.7   10.7   8.3  
Nov 6.0   -4.7   4.9   1.5  
Dec 3.5   -14.6   -1.5   -7.2  



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