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UK Transportation

The UK offers a wide variety of transport:

Taxi – can be very costly to use. In London there is a minimum fare of £2.40 at all times. The fare is based on time of day, distance travelled and time taken. Fares elsewhere will vary from place to place; a typical price per mile is about £1.25. Fares and any extra charges are always displayed on the meter next to the driver. Fares are more expensive in the evenings, at weekends and during public holidays

Bike – cheap alternative and healthy too! But wear a helmet and buy a good lock for your bike. Many cities have cycle routes.  These are designated lanes just for bikes, making cycling in busy cities safer. Details of the UK cycle routes can be found at www.cycle-route.com. In London you can hire a bike using ‘Barclays Cycle Hire’ scheme. You would take a bike, ride it where you like, then return it, ready for the next person. These are available 24 hours a day, all year round. They are self-service and there's no booking. The cost varies but for 24 hours you would pay £2 access fee and then a usage charge for 2 hours would be £6.Some universities offer a bike hire scheme. You will be likely to be asked to pay a deposit of approx £50. The average cost per term is £25. Check with your university to see if they offer this service

Coaches – offers efficient travel between major cities
National Express Coaches offers student discounts
National Express: www.nationalexpress.com
Megabus operates in some of the major cities across the UK and offers cheap fare for just £1 plus 50p booking fee
Route information can be found at http://uk.megabus.com/BusStops.aspx

Buses – convenient way of getting around. Public transport can be inexpensive if used with student discounts on offer. The cost of travelling on London’s iconic red buses is £2.40 per journey. If you going to travel on the buses or underground frequently then buying an Oyster Card may be a more cost effective option.
London bus information can be found at: www.tfl.gov.uk/modalpages/2605.aspx
Outside of London check your local country council’s website for details of buses in your area

Trains - UK’s train networks are vast and fairly inexpensive.
If you are able to plan your journey in advance and book online it is generally cheaper than buying a ticket at the station.
For details of tickets, train times, and journey planners contact National Rail Enquiries or the train company.
National Rail Enquiries: Tel: 0845 748 4950
Different train operators cover different routes.
For a list of UK train operators follow the following link: http://www.networkrail.co.uk/contact/train-operator
Megatrain offers low cost intercity train travel in some of the major cities across the UK and offers cheap fare for just £1 plus 50p booking fee.
For discounted travel visit: www.16-25railcard.co.uk
A 16-25 Railcard costs £28 and will save you 1/3 on rail fares throughout the UK. You are eligible for this if you are aged between 16 and 25 and in full-time education

Air Travel - There are many airlines that fly to the UK try a comparison website like: 
Expedia www.expedia.co.uk/Flights or Sky Scanner www.skyscanner.net. These will search many providers for the flight you are looking for.
The UK has a number of budget airlines operating offer cheap flights
These include RyanAir www.ryanair.com and EasyJet  www.easyjet.com
Just a few of the international airlines that fly to the UK
British Airways: www.britishairways.com
Virgin Atlantic: www.virgin-atlantic.com
Lufthansa: www.lufthansa.com

London Underground - Known as ‘The Tube’ and is a cheap and convenient way to get around London.
If you are studying London an Oyster Card offers large discounts. One day travel cards are also a cost effective way to visit the city. Visit the website for details: www.tfl.gov.uk.
The following link will give you to a printable version of the underground map: www.tfl.gov.uk/gettingaround/14091.aspx

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