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Dubai Food and Culture

A big concern for many of our students is whether they will ‘survive’ the culture and miss their traditional foods. Rest assured that Dubai is a very diverse country and you are bound to find restaurants that cater for your local cuisine and/or get together with others from your countries and cook together. However a big part of studying in Dubai is all about learning the culture and joining into the Dubai way of life.

Arabic food is the main type of food in Dubai but there are many different types of food in Dubai to cater for a diverse population.

Shawarma, made with lamb or chicken and mixed with tomatoes and pickle is very similar to a kebab and one of the most popular foods in Dubai. Falafel is a spicy mix of chickpeas and different spices, deep-fried and served in pitta bread. Arabic roti is very tasty bread served with Indian curry.

Most students learn to get together and cook in their years at university. This is by far the cheapest and most economical way to get through your studies. The universities we work with have a diverse range of nationalities and as such you are bound to find others from your country or region that you can get together with. In Dubai you will find a good selection of Kenyan, Nigeria, Ghanaian and Pakistani food outlets and restaurants.

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BCIE Ltd. runs a number of bi-annual Edufairs (Ghana and Nigeria), Minifairs and Roadshows in Nigeria, Ghana and Pakistan each year. Our fairs are the most well known, branded and advertised events in these markets. Our aim is to bring together students and universities from several Study Abroad destinations making it easier for our students to decide which country, course and university is right for them. Contact your local BCIE ltd. office to get more details about the latest events in your area.

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